The Al Habtoor Polo Club has positioned itself as a true equestrian haven providing access to annual local and national competitions for all equine sports enthusiasts. This makes the Club a Perfect Home for Showjumpers on their Middle Eastern show jumping tour or for Polo teams competing in any of the low, medium or high goal tournaments held at the Club throughout the season.
Its 520 well-equipped stables caters to the utmost comfort of its resident horses and  supported by 60 turnout paddocks, 2 lunge areas, 5 horse walkers and 2 international competition arenas, a dedicated Riding School arena, 4 polo fields and 2 exercise tracks.
We offer a wide variety of livery services, with facilities designed for the comfort and safety of your horses, ensuring your journey with us is a pleasurable one.
Livery Services Monthly Fee
Full Livery - No. of Horses (1-2) AED 4,095
Full Livery - No. of Horses  (3+) AED 3,885
Part Livery - No. of Horses  (1-2) AED 3,655
Part Livery - No. of Horses  (3+) AED 3,445
Stable Only AED 2,520
Grooms Accommodation/Sharing AED 1,050/person
Grooms Accommodation/Single AED 1,575
Groom Meals

AED 1,050/person

Polo Livery* Services Monthly Fee
Full Livery - No. of Horses  (1-5) AED 3,860
Full Livery - No. of Horses  (6+) AED 3,530
Stable Only - No. of Horses  (5-20) AED 2,645
Stable Only - No. of Horses  (20+) For more information
contact us
Full Barn - No. of Horses  (52) For more information
contact us

* Rates applicable to Polo Members only


Other Livery Services               Fee
Ground Fee (Instructor) AED 160
Instructor Membership (Annual) AED 6,615
Instructor Membership (Monthly) AED 685
Hair Trim (AHPRC Clippers) AED 225              
Hair Trim (Client Clippers) AED 170
Groom Service (Lunging) AED 60
Groom Assistancce AED 60

All prices are inclusive of VAT.




VAT Clause : Notwithstanding any clause under this agreement, each fee or payment or any other amount to be made by the Organizer or by any other third party to the Club under this agreement shall be payable free and clear of all present and future taxes, levies, imposts, deductions, charges or withholdings, including, without limitation, income taxes, business taxes and value added taxes (VAT) imposed or required to be paid or withheld by any taxing jurisdiction or authority imposed by the Dubai, UAE, or anywhere else in the world, unless any such deduction or withholding is required by applicable law. If a deduction or withholding is required by Applicable Law, the Organizer shall compensate and pay to the Club such additional amounts and will ensure that the net amount received by the Club in respect of the payments (after any deduction or withholding in respect of the additional amount) is equal to the full amount that the Club would have received had the payment not been subject to the deduction or withholding as stated above, and Organizer shall assume full and exclusive liability.


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