Al Faisal Power Horse Dominates in AHPC November League, Seizing Victory with Unmatched Expertise



18th November 2023, Dubai, UAE: The AHPC League unfolded with a week-long tournament. The subsidiary final showcased a thrilling match between Bangash-Bhansali and Bin Drai Blue, while the finals witnessed an intense showdown between Al Faisal-Power Horse and Emaar Bin Drai.

Qualifying Matches:
14th November 2023
Bin Drai White vs. AM Polo: 6-8
Mahra-Dubai Wolves vs. Bangash-Bhansali: 5-4
Al Faisal-Power Horse vs. Bin Drai Blue: 8.5-4
16th November 2023
AM Polo vs. Bin Drai Blue: 3-7
Bangash-Bhansali vs. Bin Drai White: 3.5-6
Al Faisal-Power Horse vs. Mahra-Dubai Wolves: 6.5-6
18th November 2023
Subsidiary Final
Bangash-Bhansali vs. Bin Drai Blue 
Al Faisal-Power Horse vs. Emaar Bin Drai
7.5 vs. 7
In the subsidiary final, the initial breakthrough came from Rashid Bin Drai of Bin Drai Blue, securing the first goal in the first chukker. However, the momentum shifted as Facundo Kelly of Bangash-Bhansali orchestrated a comeback, guiding his team to take the lead in the second chukker. The match remained tightly contested until the end, but in a thrilling conclusion, Bangash-Bhansali emerged victorious in the subsidiary final.
Match Progression:
0 – 1 | 5 – 2 | 6 – 6 | 8.5 - 8

In an electrifying showdown between Al Faisal-Power Horse and Emaar Bin Drai, the finals unfolded as a captivating battle between two exceptional teams. Al Faisal-Power Horse took an early lead, propelled by the outstanding performance of Tomas Iarte, who later earned the prestigious title of MVP in the AHPC league. The momentum seemed firmly in favor of Al Faisal-Power Horse until the third chukker when Emaar Bin Drai staged a remarkable comeback, leveling the game.

Despite the challenge, Al Faisal-Power Horse, determined to retain their lead, intensified their efforts and continued to play with unwavering intensity and skill. In a gripping display of skill and determination, Al Faisal-Power Horse ultimately emerged triumphant in the finals, securing their position as champions in a thrilling conclusion to the AHPC league for the month of November 2023.

Match Progression:

1.5 – 1 | 5.5 – 3 | 6.5 – 6 | 7.5 - 7


Mr. Zhou Lin, the General Manager of China Railway 18th Bureau Group - one of the league’s primary sponsors, along with Accenture Investment Group (although not physically present during the awarding ceremony) – honored the teams. Tomas Iarte was honored as the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the AHPC November league, while Garapata ridden by the awarded MVP received the distinction of being the Best Playing Pony.

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