Al Habtoor Grand Prix Season Finale 2023 - Results


Dubai UAE:

The last event of Al Habtoor Polo Club, Season Finale Grand Prix - Show Jumping Competition welcomed 185 competitors from several equestrian clubs in the country. The riders took part in six classes with jump heights ranging from 30 cm up to 120 cm.

Competition Results:

Class 1 | 30 cm – 40 cm | Clear Round

Rider Horse Club Position
Aradhana Ramgopal Akito de traclin Deebaj stable 1st
Faris Al Kaabi Freddie Wilde Team Be Free 1st
Iyla Ellingford Matty Habtoor Polo Club 1st
Kaya Chabowski Echo Team Be Free 1st
Mohammad Freesom Saddle Equestrian 1st
Nousha Khan Thelma des Fleuris Habtoor Polo Club 1st
Stella Granello Ciana To Jo Po Hoeve DPEC 1st

Class 2 | 40 cm – 50 cm

Rider Horse Club Position
Star Sadeghi Stardust The Sustainable City Club 1st
Hassan Khalfawi Iforia Supporting Units 2nd
Faris Shamdeen Gunner Habtoor Polo Club 3rd
Alessandra Borghesi Dusty Habtoor Polo Club 4th
Yusef Tamer Denzel Habtoor Polo Club 5th   

Class 3 | 60 cm – 70 cm

Rider Horse Club Position
Hassan Khalfawi Nimo Supporting Units 1st
Abdalla Omran Alowais DZAHAKARTA Al Safinat Stables 2nd
Sienna Ellingford Figaro Habtoor Polo Club 3rd
Lily Burns Ennaadd Team Be Free 4th
Sofia Goncharova Action Guide SERC 5th   

Class 4 | 80 cm – 90 cm

Rider Horse Club Position
Anna Liza Cherepanova My Star Lite SERC 1st
Hassan Khalfawi Nimo Supporting Unit 2nd
Aren Semerciyan Elfas Habtoor Polo Club 3rd
Shaina Dhanwani Zuma Team Be Free 4th
Sophay Wille Kensington The Sustainable City Club 5th   


Class 5 | 100 cm – 110 cm

Rider Horse Position Club
Mysha Khan First Lady Habtoor Polo Club 1st
Sophay Wille Kensington The Sustainable City Club 2nd
Star Sadeghi Drastore The Sustainable City Club 3rd
Imad Gharib Sam Mandara Club 4th
Hisham Ghrieb Ibiza Habtoor Polo Club 5th   



Class 6 | 110 cm – 120 cm

Rider Horse Club Position
Farhang Sadeghi Gazaro VDL The Sustainable City Club 1st
Kateryna Morozova Coriolan Furusiya Stable 2nd
Mohamed Omran Al Owais Earl Grey Des Hayettes Al Safinat Stables 3rd
Mohamed Ahmed Al Owais  Cirse Dela Tour Vidal Al Safinat Stables 4th
Mohamed Ahmed Al Owais Carla Tonga Al Safinat Stables 5th   


The next season of Show Jumping Competition will begin from October 2023.


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