Dubai Falcons Wins the First Patrons Ramadan Cup 2023


Dubai, UAE: 

The first edition of the Patrons Ramadan Cup 2023 consisted of 4 teams of 4 patrons each, in a two games tournament – Dubai Eagles, Dubai Falcons, Dubai Lions and Tigers.

The subsidiary final of the tournament had seen Dubai Eagles taking the lead, as Tariq Al Habtoor opened the match with smashing goal in the first chukker with 3 goals to 1 by Dubai Tigers. The Eagles dominated the first half of the game, ending it with 5 goals to 1 by halftime. The Dubai Eagles scored 2 more goals by the end of the penultimate chukker as Dubai Tigers scored one more goal. In the end, it was Dubai Eagles who maintained its lead with 7 goals and sealed the win at 10 goals against 3.

Match Progression:
3 – 1 | 5 – 1 | 7 – 2 | 10 - 3

Sheikha Alyaa Al Maktoum of Dubai Lions opened the final match of the day, as she carved 0.5 goal lead in the first chukker for her team. The Dubai Falcons swpet in quickly and took a lead as Raja Abuljebain, Mohammed Al Habtoor and Khalaf M. Al Habtoor scored one goal each keeping a strong hold until the halftime, with 4.5 goals to 2 against the Lions. The red shirted players of Dubai Falcons delivered one more goal but Dubai Lions picked up their pace and scored 2 goals in the penultimate chukker. As the two teams battled on the field with only a 0.5 goal lead, ultimately it was the Dubai Falcons who ended the game at 6.5 to 6 goals, as the winners of Patrons Ramadan Cup 2023.

Match Progression:
1.5 – 2 | 4.5 – 2 | 5.5 – 4 | 6.5 - 6

Lukas Tremmel, General Manager of the Al Habtoor Polo Resort awarded the teams, with Raja Abuljebain of Dubai Falcons as the Most Valuable Player, and the Best Playing Pony was awarded to Maria, ridden by the MVP of the tournament.

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